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Full Name:
Linda P. Baker
Place of Residence:
Mobile, Alabama


Author Biography: Fantasy/science fiction author Linda P. Baker has been writing for most of her life. Family members remember that when she was a young child that she preferred sitting in the corner with paper and pencil over playing. But Linda came out of the writing closet in the last decade when she allowed her husband, then friends, to read stories she had written.

Linda was discovered at a small science fiction/gaming convention in her hometown of Mobile, Alabama, by noted fantasy author and editor, Margaret Weis. On the basis of the short story she submitted in a workshop presented by Ms. Weis, Linda made her first professional sale: a short story in the Dragonlance anthology, Dragons of Krynn.

Linda's published novels are The Irda and Tears of the Night Sky, with Nancy Varian Berberick, both set in the Dragonlance setting. She has short stories in numerous anthologies, including Dragons of Chaos, Dragons at War, The History of Dragonlance, First Contact, Wizard Fantastic, Heroes and Fools, More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home, and Tales of the Eternal Archives: Legends.

Linda lives in Mobile, Alabama, with her husband Larry, who converted her into a rabid hockey fan purely for research reasons. Her short story in First Contact is about a local hockey player who meets a fan who's "not from around here." When they're not cheering on the local team, Linda and Larry pursue their interests of reading, surfing the net, playing Highlander: The Collectible Card Game, Mardi Gras, and flea marketing. They dabble in collecting -- cards, books, Mardi Gras doubloons and memorabilia, movie/television memorabilia, Fiesta dinnerware, Zuni and Navaho fetishes and kachinas -- but don't specialize in collecting anything really well, because the real fun is in the hunting, not the having.

Linda currently has several works in various stages of completion, including a First Contact science fiction novel, a fantasy novel based on a world in which dreams come alive, a short romance, and a collection of erotic stories that she hopes to publish as an anthology.

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