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Full Name:
Lynn Abbey
Place of Residence:
Central Florida, USA
Peekskill, New York, USA
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Average Enjoyability:
29 votes
Average Rereadability:
29 votes
Average Complexity:
21 votes
Average Character Development:
11 votes

Author Biography: Marilyn Lorraine Abbey

Lynn Abbey (born September 8, 1948) is an American author. Born in Peekskill, New York, she began publishing in 1979 with the novel Daughter of the Bright Moon and the short story "The Face of Chaos," part of a Thieves World shared world anthology. She received early encouragement from Gordon R. Dickson.

In the 1980s she married Robert Asprin and became his co-editor on the Thieves World books. She also contributed to other shared world series during the 1980s, including Heroes in Hell and Merovingen Nights.

Lynn Abbey also wrote for TSR's Dark Sun Series starting with "The Brazen Gambit" which first featured "Just Plain Pavek" one of the best characters to grace the pages of any novel ever. The Brazen Gambit is centered around the city-state of Urik and also features the first personalisation of it's Sorcerer King Hamanu, who has been described as one of the 'cool evil' characters in fiction.

Lynn Abbey wrote further novels in the series including "I, Hamanu." a novel set in the same setting exploring the topic of genocide.

Lynn Abbey's novels are best known for believably ugly anti-hero's doing the best that they can in incredibly brutal environments.

While Lynn Abbey is better known for her Theive's World novels many people feel that her work in the Darksun series was superior.

Abbey and Asprin divorced in 1993 and Abbey moved to Oklahoma City. She continued to write novels during this period, including original works as well as tie-ins to Role Playing Games for TSR. In 2002, she returned to Thieves World with the novel Sanctuary and also began editing new anthologies, beginning with Turning Points.

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