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John Russell Fearn
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Fearn collected four of his Golden Amazon stoies from Fantastic Adventures into novel form, and had it reprinted in the Toronto Star Weekly. This was so popular that it was followed by 23 sequels, some of which have been published in book form.

PEN NAMES: Thornton Ayre, Dennis Clive, John Cotton, Polton Cross, Clayton Drew, Douglas Dodd, Sheridan Drew, Volsted Gridban, Conrad G. Holt, Preston James, Frank Jones, Nat Karta, Mick McCoy, Jed McNab, Dom Passante, Laurence F. Rose (aka Francis Rose), Frank Russell, John Russell, Vargo Statten, & Ephriam Winiki.

House-names used by Fearn: Astron del Martia, Volsted Gridban (also used by E. C. Tubb), Paul Lorraine, & Bryan Shaw (E. C. Tubb used Brian Shaw).

Westerns: Hank Carson, Hank Cole, Clem Larson, & Jed McCloud.

Mysteries: Hugo Blayn, Spike Gordon, & John Slate.

Jungle Adventures: Earl Titan.

OTHER POSSIBILITIES: Geoffrey Armstrong, Mark Denholm, Douglas Dodd, Sheridan Drew, Max Elton, Griff (at least once), Malcom Hartley, Timothy Hayes, Marvin Kayne, Clifford Lewis, Herbert Lloyd, Henry Rawle, Ward Ross, Schire, Doom Sclanders, Joan Seagar, K. Thomas, Arthur Waterhouse, & John Werheim.

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