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Millennium Madness



Young Adult


Sabrina the Teenage Witch


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2000-01-01 Simon Pulse  

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What terrible timing!

Oh no! Witches have to deal with computer problems just like mortals do - and it looks like Y2K is going to be one big headache for Sabrina and her aunts! Something is very wrong with the Great Clock of the Other Realm; just like many computerized devices in the mortal realm, when the new year hits, it will stop working. Which would cause magic everywhere to cease to exist!

As the last hours wind down, time blurs, speeds up, and runs backward - with some pretty embarrassing results for Sabrina! While the Witches' Council focuses on repairing the clock, Sabrina decides to take charge of building a new one.

Using her now-wobbly magic, Sabrina discovers that to build the new clock, she must collect souvenirs from twelve magical moments in history. Will she complete her scavenger hunt in time to save the Other Realm?


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