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Setting: Thieves' World


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1987-00-00  

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Tempus: Avatar of the war-god Vashanka, he carves his anti-magical philosophy in the bodies of the detestable mages and demons of a world he never made but is cursed to inhabit.

Niko: No godling he, just a warrior who has found the secret of his soul in the mysterious Western Isles - and so wields a pure and faithful power that makes him all too attractive to the gods and elementals of a world infested mainly with murderers and thieves.

Together: Needing time to recover from the spells of a witch who nearly ate his soul, Niko will recover his self-mastery by reliving in utterly vivid detail all the most violent and transforming moments of his past - and that of his rightside leader, Tempus.

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