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All Good Things



Science Fiction
Setting: Star Trek


Star Trek: TNG


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1994-00-00 Pocket  

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In the last seven years, Captain Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise have visited strange new worlds, encountered life in all its galactic diversity, and faced deadlier enemies than man has ever known. They have truly gone where no one has gone before, and in the process made Star Trek: The Next Generation into the most successful syndicated dramatic program of all time. Now, after seven years, their television journey is coming to a close. Pocket Books is proud to present the novelization of the classic final episode.

Seven years ago, Captain Jean-Luc Picard first faced the judgment of the Q Continuum - a race of beings with godlike powers over time and space who presumed to gauge humanity's fitness to exist in the Galaxy. Seven years ago they suspended judgment, but now their decision has been reached: The human race will be eliminated, not only in the present, but throughout time. Humanity will never have existed at all.

The only chance to save mankind lies with Captain Picard. An old enemy has granted him the power to revisit his life as it was seven years before, and to experience his life twenty-five years in the future. With the help of friendships that span time and space, Picard struggles to defeat the plans of the Q Continuum. But even as he fights to save the human race from total extinction, he has been set up to be the unwitting agent of Mankind's destruction.

In his effort to save humanity, Picard must sacrifice himself and all those he loves... perhaps more than once. And if their sacrifice fails, all Mankind is doomed.

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