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Archipelago on Fire





Extraordinary Journeys


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1 1884-00-00  

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Summary :

Nicholas Starkos, captain of the Karysta returns to Vitlyo, Greece only to be denied entry into the home where he was born by his own mother who denounces what he has become. In the late 1820's (around the time of Verne's birth) the Greeks and Turks were at war. Lt. Henry d'Albaret of the French navy, along with other Frenchmen has joined the Greeks in this conflict. Henry is wounded during a battle and after his recovery meets Hadjine Elizundo the charming daughter of his banker. Plans are put into place for the two to get married, until Nicholas Starkos comes to the banker making demands of his own for Hadjine's hand in marriage. Hadjine wants nothing to do with Nicholas Starkos and discovers the secret that Starkos holds over her father. After her father's death, she is freed from the need to marry Starkos but also feels that because of her father's dealings that she is unworthy to marry an honest man like Henry d'Albaret. Hadjine begins taking steps to right her father's wrongs and clear his name. Meanwhile, the distraught Henry d'Albaret has returned to the fighting of the war, that is until he is given command of the ship Syphanta that cruises the Greek archipelago in search of the pirates that have been taking advantage of the Greek and Turkish conflict. The most notorious of these pirates (and suspected leader of them all) is Sacratif. d'Albaret's search for Sacratif takes him to Crete, where he gets into a showdown with the pirate who also has an interest in marrying Hadjine Elizundo.

Original title (French): L'Archipel en Feu

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