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Asmodeus at Large



Angels & Demons


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1833-00-00 Carey, Lea and Blanchard  

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First book publication of this work which first appeared in the NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE. Loosely organized novel with much supernatural content, containing the intercalated short story, "The Tale of Kosem Kesamim." The narrator, bored of life, is taken by the devil Asmodeus on a tour of new sensations and "attends a witches' Sabbath, has an amour with a witch, and meets Kosem Kesamim, the greatest wizard of all time. The narrator lives for a time in Cyprolis, an underground city (allegorical for sex?). He travels to the center of the earth and sees a gigantic stone figure with countless strings emerging from it -- presumably Fate. Most of ASMODEUS AT LARGE is briskly written and entertaining, in the lively manner than Bulwer sometimes used when not writing of supernatural topics."

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