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Thieves' World


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1 1983-10-01 Penguin Putnam  

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Amazon Reader Remarks: This fifth volume in the Thieves" World series contains stories by Janet Morris, C.J. Cherryh, Asprin, Lynn Abbey, David Drake, and Diana Paxson - with Andrew Offut noticeably and thankfully absent. The stories range from the grotesquely gripping to the merely entertaining, and overall are more enjoyable than most of the previous Thieves" World books. The highlight is Paxson"s "Mirror Image," which features the two only endearing characters in all of Thieves" World, the painter Lalo and his wife, Gilla. Lalo, you see, had been cursed/blessed. His portraits revealed the inner soul of the subject, not the exterior facade (thus his large, domineering wife appears as a goddess). In "Mirror Image," Lalo paints a self-portrait and the result is a very moving tale. Despite the false packaging (the "invasion" referenced in the title is hardly that, just an omnipresence of mysterious, powerful foreigners), The Face of Chaos is, perhaps, the first Thieves" World book I"d recommend without reservations.

Welcome to Sanctuary, a city of outlaws and advernturers in a world of war and wizardry, peopled with colorful characters created by today's top fantasy adventure talents, including:

David Drake
C.J. Cherryh
Janet Morris
Diana L. Paxson
Lynn Abbey
Robert Lynn Asprin

In this fierce and fascinating fifth volume, Thieves' World is invaded by the not-quite-human Beysib, golden-skinned conquerors whose taste for evil is equaled only by their thirst for blood.

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