Detailed view for the Book: Ascents of Wonder (Anthology)

An anthology of storied edited by the author.

Introduction by David Gerrold
Tom Sawyer's Sub-Orbital Escapade by Lisa Tuttle & Steven Utley
The Light at the End of the Penumbra by Gregory Feeley
Love Among the Symbionts by J. Michael Reaves
A Modern Parable by Christopher Crowley
Portrait of the Artist as a Young God by Stephen Goldin
The Exempt by George Alec Effinger
Scrapings by Kenneth Von Gunden
The Perambulator by Mel Gilden
White Hole by Daniel P. Dern
Just an Old-Fashioned War Story by Michael G. Coney
Contact Myth by Joseph F. Pumilia
Equinoctial by John Varley