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1 1984-00-00 Ace Books  

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Amazon Reader Remarks: Wings of Omen, the sixth in the Thieves" World series, brings more of what one expects from the series. Featuring 8 stories from talented authors (including Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Diana Paxson, and C.J. Cherryh), Wings moves the town of Sanctuary into an open guerilla conflict on the street. Like the other Thieves" World books, the format of different stories occurring in the same location has strengths and weaknesses. On the one hand, it is intersting to see the different perspectives each writer brings. On the other hand, interesting ideas generated by one writer or poorly followed up, or not at all. Too, there have been so many authors writing about so many characters that a glossary has become a must to keep track of who is whom. Nevertheless, Wings of Omen is an enjoyable, if somewhat dark and depressing at times, read.

Welcome to Sanctuary, a city of outlaws and advernturers in a world of war and wizardry, peopled with colorful characters created by today's top fantasy adventure talents, including:

Robert W. Bailey
C. J. Cherryh
Diane Duane
Chris & Janet Morris
Andrew Offutt
Diana L. Paxson
Lynn Abbey
Robert Lynn Asprin

In this strange and provocative sixth volume, the Wizardwall War brings undreamed-of horrors as the invaders invoke their powers to raise the very dead...

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