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Enemies of Fortune



Setting: Thieves' World


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2004-00-00 Tor Books  

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This is the second, after Turning Points (2002), in another series of collections of new stories about the city of Sanctuary, originally the creation of editor Abbey and Robert Asprin in their Thieves" World, now long a setting exploited by a variety of authors. Sanctuary was founded by runaway slaves, hence the name, and remains a refuge for those able to call no other place home--a deadly fate, indeed, for there is no one there to guard one"s back. Weapons, wizardry, music--any of these can start something in Sanctuary that only the boldest can finish. Editor Abbey unifies this book with the device of a shipwreck off the coast of Sanctuary, with the stuff looted from it cranking up the levels of menace and chaos in the city. She has gotten high-quality contributions from mostly well-known fantasy hands, and she interweaves them so deftly that the book reads like a novel. Although it will help to be previously acquainted with Thieves" World, it isn"t necessary to appreciate this book.

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