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Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The (Collection)



Private Investigator
Short Stories


Sherlock Holmes


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1 1891-00-00  

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is the series of short stories that made the fortunes of the Strand magazine in which they were fist published, and won immense popularity for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The detective is at the height of his powers and the volume is full of famous cases. Although Holmes gained a reputation for infallibility, Conan Doyle showed his own realism and feminism by having the great detective defeated by Irene Adler – the woman – in the very first story, “A Scandal in Bohemia”.

The following works are contained within this one:

Adventure of the Beryl Coronet, the (1891)
Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, the (1891)
Red-headed League, the (1891)
Adventure of the Copper Beeches, the (1891)
Adventure of the Speckled Band, the (1891)
Boscombe Valley Mystery, the (1891)
Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb, the (1891)
Five Orange Pips, the (1891)
Scandal in Bohemia, a (1891)
Adventure of the Noble Bachelor, the (1891)
Man with the Twisted Lip, the (1891)
Case of Identity, a (1891)

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