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Book of Goblins, a



Fairy Tales
Educational, Instructional, Reference


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1 1969-00-00  

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A collection of tales about Goblins from around the world.

This anthology contains: Prayer by John Day; Gobbleknoll; John Connu Rider by Andrew Salkey; Vukub Cakix; Tops or Bottoms; The Voyage of Maelduin; The Fort of Rathangan - translated by Kuno Meyer; Willow; The Term by William Carlos Williams; Edward Frank and the Friendly Cow; Yallery Brown; Moowis; The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens; The Lady of the Wood; A Voice Speaks from the Well by George Pelee; Bash Tchelik; The Dark Guest by Ernest George Moll; The Goblin Spider; To the Tengu Goblins; The Secret Commonwealth by Alan Garner; The Piper of Shacklow; The Adventures of Nera; A Letter; Halloween; Great Head and the Ten Brothers; The Trade that No One Knows; A Charm Against Witches; Tarn Wethelan; All in Green Went My Love Riding by E. E. Cummings; Hoichi the Earless; Meeting in the Road - translated by Arthur Waley; Ramayana; In the Strange Isle by Michael Roberts; The Smoker; Wild Worms and Swooning Shadows by Alan Garner; Loki; Baldur the Bright; The Beast by Brian Patten; Glooskap; A Game by Fleur Adcock; and The Green Mist; followed by notes and sources.

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