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Beak and Whisker



Graphic Novel


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2002-04-01 Egmont Childrens Books  

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Tansy and her family move out of the city into a house in the country. Tansy didn"t want to move, doesn"t want to make friends with Matthew next door, and is terrified of the jackdaws that roost in the roof of the new house. Whisker is a wild cat who Tansy finds in her garden, and she determines to befriend. One day, a baby jackdaw falls from its nest and has to be rescued from Whisker. Matthew takes care of Beak and feeds him cut-up worms, while Tansy watches, curious but not keen. cc She tries to tame Whisker, but he"s not keen to leave his wild, nocturnal life. One day, Matthew goes on holiday--Tansy is forced to look after Beak and gradually she overcomes her fear. She is the one who teaches Beak to fly, and dreads Matthew returning to find him gone. When Matthew returns and Tansy tries to explain to him, Whisker appears, and Matthew is convinced he"s eaten Beak. But just then, Beak flies down and lands on Tansy"s head, and we know she"ll love birds from now on.

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