Detailed view for the Book: Sun in Glory (Anthology)

An all-new original short fiction anthology featuring Mercedes Lackey's heroic Heralds and their horselike companions - as penned by such masters of fantasy as Judith Tarr, Michelle West, Fiona Patton, and others.

Errold's Journey by Catherine S. McMullen
The Cat Who Came to Dinner by Nancy Asire
Winter Death by Michelle West
A Herald's Rescue by Mickey Zucker Reichert
In the Eye of the Beholder by Josepha Sherman
Trance Tower Garrison by Fiona Patton
Starhaven by Stephanie Shaver
Rebirth by Judith Tarr
Brock by Tanya Huff
True Colors by Michael Longcor
Touches the Earth by Brenda Cooper
Icebreaker by Rosemary Edghill
Sun in Glory by Mercedes Lackey

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