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Anastasia on Her Own



Coming of Age


Anastasia series


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1985-03-25 Houghton Mifflin/Walter Lorraine Books  

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Book 5 in the Anastasia series. "Housekeeping is simple," Dr. Krupnik said. "Yeah," said Anastasia. "Any moron could do it. All you need is a schedule. " And with that, Anastasia and her father create the Krupnik Family Nonsexist Housekeeping Schedule, designed to organize Anastasia"s frazzled mother and help her run the household smoothly. Even though things don"t proceed exactly according to plan on the first day, due to such unexpected interruptions as the exploding furnace, Anastasia"s faith in her schedule remains unshaken. But all too soon her theories are put to the test, as Mrs. Krupnik goes to California for a ten-day consulting job, leaving Anastasia in charge of running the house. Little by little, the Krupnik Family Nonsexist Housekeeping Schedule crumbles as Anastasia is faced with such emergencies as Sam"s chicken pox and the surprise visit from her father"s old girlfriend. Things don"t really fall apart, though, until Anastasia starts getting ready for her first date ever, including a romantic, gourmet dinner complete with candlelight and passionate purple tablecloth. Now, if only she can find her mother"s long gloves, to cover the purple dye all over her arms ... Anastasia"s hilarious predicaments, as she copes with everything from baking soda baths to French cuisine, will delight readers of Lois Lowry"s fifth book about the Krupnik family.

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