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Sam Series


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1988-10-20 Houghton Mifflin/Walter Lorraine Books  

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Book 1 in the Sam Series At last, Sam, Anastasia Krupnik"s irrepressible little brother, gets a chance to tell his own story. From his first days at the hospital, through his Terrible Twos, to his first days at nursery school, we see what Sam is really like. But things are never quite what they seem. In the delivery room, Sam"s first words, "Don"t drop me," are heard only as, "Waaaaahhhh!" And even though he has a perfectly logical explanation for flushing his sister"s goldfish down the toilet, no one understands. From training pants to moving day to nursery school, Sam continually tries to unravel the mysteries of the world at large, facing each crisis and adventure head on and responding with his own brand of humor, candor, and naive insight. In All About Sam, Lois Lowry has created the younger brother only Anastasia Krupnik could have. Anastasia fans will be quick to welcome this new voice into the series, and Sam will no doubt gain many new fans of his own. "Sam"s adventures, some of which also occur in the books about Anastasia, are warm and life-affirming; they are related with humorous affection, without a trace of condescension." --KIRKUS REVIEWS cc

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