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Anastasia, Absolutely



Coming of Age


Anastasia series


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1995-10-30 Houghton Mifflin/Walter Lorraine Books  

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Federal offense. Anastasia"s steps slowed when she repeated the phrase to herself She wasn"t entirely certain what it meant, but it sounded grim. Tampering with the mail: she wasn"t entirely certain what that meant either But maybe she was - or would be - in big trouble. What could possibly go wrong when Anastasia Krupnik walks to a mailbox early one morning with two packages and a dog? A mail mix-up of a most embarrassing kind! As her school "Values" class debates moral issues, and the local police confiscate the corner mailbox, Anastasia faces a dilemma of her own. Should she confess? What is the right thing to do? With her characteristic integrity and humor, Anastasia weighs her options and makes a decision. Lois Lowry has created another hilarious story about the delightful Anastasia Krupnik and her down-to-earth family. Anastasia is growing up and facing new challenges, and you can bet that she will rise to them in her uniquely thoughtful and charming way.

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