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Open Road's London Guide



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1 1995-10-01 Open Road Publishing  

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Do you know how to convince a London cabbie you"re a local? A simple, honest way to avoid paying the hefty admission fees most museums charge in the British capital? How to get into Wimbledon without planning ahead or mortgaging the house. The author shows how to get tickets to the best shows, the quickest ways to get around town, and where to find a great meal in London (they do exist!) Find out where the original handwritten manuscripts of early Beatles songs, why your favorite ale tastes different from pub to pub, and where to find the prettiest secret garden in London. Visit both familiar and unfamiliar museums, from the Elgin Marbles to the first Rolls-Royces. It"s all here in this superb treatment of old and new Londontown. The reader also will find out about Christopher Wren churches,

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