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Until the Stars Turn Cold



Graphic Novel


Amazing Spider-Man


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2002-12-01 Marvel Comics  

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Book 3 in the Amazing Spider-Man Series. At this point in the developing narrative Stracynski has already dropped his two major bombshells that establish the new and improved Spider-Man in the previous two collections: in Coming Home Peter Parker discovers that his powers were not the result of a random radioactive spider bite but that he is, in fact, the avatar of the Earth"s spider population, and in Revelations Aunt May confronts Peter about knowing he is Spider-Man. In Until The Stars Turn Cold two things happen. First, the dust is settling from the aforementioned revelations, and Peter is finally getting around to doing something about his estrangement from Mary Jane. However, this is complicated by the second set of things which happen within these pages. The first is with a new villain called the Shade, and requires the help of Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts. The second is with Doctor Octopus; actually, this would be Doctor Octopi, since there is the original Otto Octavius and a new, younger, leaner, meaner, version. Of course, both conflicts thwart Peter"s endeavor to reconnect with his wife. cc