Detailed view for the Book: Corum: Prince With The Silver Hand (Omnibus), The


Corum: Prince With The Silver Hand (Omnibus), The



Setting: Eternal Champion
Time Travel


Eternal Champion, Tale of the


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1993-00-00 Gollancz  

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Michael Moorcock brings the old Celtic gods alive again in this tale of Prince Corum, avatar of the Eternal Champion, called to a Celtic Golden Age, where he must do battle against a race as old as his own. In a time not far from this, Corum, the Prince with the Silver Hand, must journey across a harsh world threatened by perpetual winter to seek objects of great power, the lost weapons of the Celts, and beg the aid of dwarves and giants in an urgent search which must invariably end in his own death... Contains the 2nd Corum Trilogy: "The Bull and the Spear", "The Oak and the Ram" and "The Sword and the Stallion"

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