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Lady of the Shroud, The





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1 1909-00-00  

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Was it a living woman that stood by his side, or a dead body reanimated for the time or the occasion in some strange manner.

Presently I made out that the boat, which had all along seemed to be of a queer shape, was none other than a Coffin, and that the woman standing up in it was clothed in a shroud. Her back was towards us, and she had evidently not heard our approach. As we were creeping along slowly, the engines were almost noiseless, and there was hardly a ripple as our forefoot cut the dark water. Suddenly there was a wild cry from the bridge — Italians are certainly very excitable; hoarse commands were given to the Quartermaster at the wheel; the engine-room bell clanged. On the instant, as it seemed, the ship’s head began to swing round to starboard; full steam ahead was in action, and before one could understand, the Apparition was fading in the distance. The last thing I saw was the flash of a white face with dark, burning eyes as the figure sank down into the coffin — just as mist or smoke disappears under a breeze.

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