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Afterlife and Other Stories, The



Short Stories


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1987-00-00 Sixth Chamber Press  

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Here is John Updike"s collection of stories that, in various ways, partake of a glow -- as life beyond middle age is explored and found to have its own particular amazements, from omniscient golf caddies to the deaths of mothers and the births of grandchildren. As death approaches, life takes on, for some of these aging heroes, a translucence, a magical fragility; vivid memory and casual misperception lend the mundane an antic texture; and the backward view, lengthening, acquires a certain grandeur. As is usual in Updike"s fiction, spouses quarrel, lovers part, children are brave, and houses and their decor have the presence of personalities. His is a world where innocence stubbornly persists, and fresh beginnings almost outnumber losses. The stories included are:

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