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Blind Season, the



Ethics and Morality
Family Life


Common Threads of a Life


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2001-06-01 Writers Club Press  

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In The Blind Season, the sequel to the best-selling novel Common Sons, Joel and his husband, Tom, decide to start a family. Knowing that two gay men will never be able to adopt, Joel and Tom decide to find a surrogate mother to carry their child. What they find is a lot more than they bargained for. Sharon Minninger, a beautiful and determined runaway from a Mennonite community near Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico, offers to carry their child. Her influence has more impact on their lives than the couple could ever have imagined. Joel and Tom discover that the backlash of their decision to be fathers is much worse than expected. They are unprepared for the venomous reaction from some of the less open-minded citizens of the small southwestern New Mexico town. Luckily, the two men have powerful allies in the battle over their child.

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