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1 1998-07-01 Kodansha International (JPN)  

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Book Description: Anyone who has ever been to Japan has probably fallen under the spell of a soothing cup of sake at one time or another. An encounter with Japan"s favorite libation is bound to be memorable, yet despite its growing popularity worldwide, information on this eminently drinkable beverage remains scarce. Written by a British expatriate who has spent more than seven years brewing sake in the exacting traditional method, The Insider"s Guide to Sake is the consummate introductory handbook. It unravels the history and intricacies of this exotic drink, and provides an extensive list of restaurants and retail outlets in Japan, the United States, and Europe where the beverage in all its variety can be found. In The Guide you will discover over 100 sakes for all tastes and pocketbooks, tips for beginners and connoisseurs alike, and a knowledgeable explanation of the brew-master"s skills. Labels and specs for each selected sake are displayed in a concise, easy-to-follow format. Whether you are a gourmet, a wine lover, or just enjoy the occasional thirst-quencher, The Insider"s Guide to Sake offers a fascinating, broad-ranging introduction to this compelling refreshment--in a refreshingly compelling manner. Features * firsthand, authoritative information * slim, portable size (to use at restaurants or retailers) * slips easily into bag, pack, or briefcase * handy "cheat sheet" helps you select the best sake * all types of sake discussed * labels deciphered * sake-tasting tips * regional sake map * sake sites on the Web

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