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The Politics of Style In Contemporary Culture


All Consuming Images
The Politics of Style In Contemporary Culture



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1 1990-02-01 Basic Books  

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Required reading for anyone interested in how style and the power of image dominate every aspect of our lives. A special millennium edition of the 1988 classic with a compelling new forward by the author.
When All Consuming Images first appeared ten years ago, it quickly established itself as a classic in the field of American visual culture, with its textured historical analysis and lucid discussion of the power of style in contemporary society. All Consuming Images has profoundly influenced the fields of art, architecture, and graphic design, insightfully exploring how a sensibility for style has shaped the consumerist culture in which we live.

In his new introduction, Ewen scrutinizes the social thought that brought the image to prominence as a primary tool of public address, and presents revealing new autobiographical testimonies which illuminate the problematic place that images occupy in young peoples sense of themselves and their world.

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