Detailed view for the Book: Alternate Generals (Anthology)


At Gaugemela the Macedonians had Alexander and the Persians had - Darius. Result: world conquest. But what if the Persians had - Erwin Rommel. Or what if George S. Patton had commanded Southern forces at Bull Run, and Lincoln had become a Confederate Prisoner?

The possibilities are endless...

This anthlogy includes:

The Test of Gold by Lillian Stewart Carl
Tradition by Elizabeth Moon
And to the Republic For Which It Stands by Brad Linaweaver
The Charge of Lee'sBrigade by S.M. Stirling
The Craft of War by Lois Tilton
Queen of the Amazons by Jody Lynn Nye
The Phantom Tolbukhin by Harry Turtledove
An Old Man's Summer by Esther Friesner
The Last Crusader by Bill Fawcett
Billy Mitchell's Overt Act by William Sanders
A Case for Justice by Janet Berliner
A Hard day for Mother by William R. Forstchen
The Captain from Kirkbean by David Weber
Vive l'Amiral by John Mina
Bloodstained Ground by Brian M. Thomsen
Vati by R.M. Meluch
Edited by Harry Turtledove

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