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Star Trek: TOS The Best of Trek (Signet-NAL Books)


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1 1982-00-00 Signet-NAL  

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How and why Vulcans choose their mates
The doom 'n' gloom machine
The cinematography of Star Trek
Son of more Star Trek mysteries solved!

From an in-depth exploration of what makes Dr. Leonard McCoy tick to the filming of special effects in Star Trek to speculation on the genetic makeup of Mr. Spock, here is another fascinating tour of the many worlds of Trek. You'll get some behind-the-scenes looks at what makes Star Trek work, learn more about the lives, loves, and careers of all your favorite characters, meet incredible aliens, and relive countless exciting moments as you zoom straight through this star-spanning collection of articles from Trek magazine.


The Music of Star Trek: A Very Special Effect by Eleanor LaBerge
A Reply to "Bridging the Gap" by Sherry Crowson
The Myth and the Journey of Dr. Leonard McCoy by Joyce Tullock
A Letter From Kathy Witherow
Of Spock, Genes, and DNA Recombination by Jennifer Weston
How and Why Vulcans Choose Their Mates by G.B. Love
The Doom 'N' Gloom Machine by Kiel Stuart
Son of More Star Trek Mysteries -- Solved! by Leslie Thompson and our readers
The Cinematography of Star Trek by Michael D. Klemm
Trek Roundtable -- Letters from our readers
Montgomery Scott: A Short Biography by Bill Krophauser
Star Trek: Concept Erosion (Or Reality vs. Fantasy) by Steven Satterfield
Approaching Evil by Joyce Tullock
Love in Star Trek by Walter Irwin
Shadows by Rowena Warner

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