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Cathedrals: Two Writers, One Incident



Short Stories
Autobiography/ Memoirs


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2002-00-00 Water Row Press  

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Cathedrals is a volume of work by and about both Raymond Carver (1938-1988) and his wife, writer Tess Gallagher. Carver"s famous short story, "Cathedral", is included as well as Gallagher"s short story, "Rain Flooding Your Campfire". Also featured is an extensive interview with Tess Gallagher as well as a bibliography and album of scarce photographs. In 1982, on a train, Raymond Carver wrote "Cathedral" -- a story based on the time his wife Tess"s blind friend came to visit them in their home in Syracuse, New York. The same episode also inspired "Rain Flooding Your Campfire" by Tess Gallagher. The birth, fate and complete versions of these two short stories are a tribute to contemporary literature. Cathedrals is imported from Italy and the text is in English and Italian.

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