Detailed view for the Book: Best of Trek #12, the

Signet Books, 206 pages


The Star Trek Twentieth Anniversary Convention: A Short Review by Jay Jengo
My Life in the Twenty-Third Century by Madeliene Merritt
A Reply to Mark Golding by Tom Lalli
Star Trek Lives in My Life by Jacqueline A. LongM
The Vulcan Heart, the Vulcan Soul by Nancy Hardenberg
Tomorrow Man by Joyce Tullock
Keeping the Faith, or How to Live Through a Star Trek Convention by Ingrid Cross
You Could Go Home Again: Star Trek Sequels by John Wicklund with Walter Irwin
After Kyle: The Forgotten Heroes of the Enterprise by Greg Gildersleeve
Ishmael in Space: Literary Allusions in The Wrath of Khan by Marc Swanson
Walking on Water and Other Things James Kirk Can't Do by James H. Devon
Trek Roundtable: Letters from our readers
The Neglected Whole, Part III: The Engineer and the Doctor by Elizabeth Rigel
Cheaters and Katras: A Short Discussion of Death by Douglas Blake
The Star Trek Book List by Nicky Jill with Stan Campbell and Sue Keenan
Star Trip III: In Search of Taxi -- A Star Trek Parody by Kiel Stuart

Back Cover Blurb:

The Star Trek twentieth-anniversary convention
The Vulcan heart, the Vulcan soul
The forgotten heroes of the Enterprise
Walking on water and other things Jim Kirk can't do

From a firsthand account of that most unique and memorable of Star Trek conventions, to a close-up look at the lives of Scotty and McCoy, to excerpts from the nation's only Star Trek radio show, here is an all-new collection about the characters, the TV series and movies, the books, the fans, and the past, present, and future trends of the whole fascinating universe of Star Trek.

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