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Ackermanthology! (Collection)



Science Fiction
Short Stories


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1997-00-00 General Publishing Group  

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ACKERMANTHOLOGY: Millennium Edition: 65 Astonishing Rediscovered Sci-Fi Shorts by Isaac Asimov, Harry Bates, Ray Bradbury, H. L. Gold, A. Merritt, Catherine L. Moore, H. G. Wells, Jack Williamson, and more. A sold out wonder, now back-in-print! From Dennis Palumo"s tale of truly diabolical revenge to Jill Taggert"s one page epiphany on the nature of leadership and victory, the original Ackermanthology will arouse your sense of wonder, throughout. Stories by greats such as Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and H. G. Wells are nestled comfortably among great bursts of creativity and wonder from such authors as Oliver Saari, David A. Kyle, Ann Orhelein, and dozens of others whom you may never have heard of but whom you"ll never forget.

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