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Cruising The Anime City: An Otaku Guide to Neo Tokyo



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1 2004-11-15 Stone Bridge Press  

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What is the Anime City? It is Neo Tokyo, a modern metropolis whose soul has been rewired into into a pulsing monster machine of pure pop culture. Where on every corner you may see a cosplay gal, a Bishojo gamer, a Gachapon collector, a Morning Musume idol worshipper, a dojinshi artist, or just an older otaku enslaved by that gooey Japanese sentiment known as moe. Confused? Intrigued? Learn to navigate Neo Tokyo right here, with this, the Anime City"s first street smart guide in English. "American Patrick Macias and Japanese Tomohiro Machiyama are your super team-up guides to this alternative pop-culture dimension next door, dropping anecdotes that will make you gape and treasure maps to stores that will make you start booking your airline tickets now. Read it if you dare!" - Carl Gustav Horn, coauthor, Japan Edge: The Insider"s Guide To Japanese Pop Subculture "This is the easiest, cheapest and safest way to cruise into the maniac"s world." - Junko Mizuno, artist and author of Cinderalla and Pure Trance

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