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Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson: The Complete Stories



Science Fiction


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1 1993-00-00 Swan Pr  

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From the Author: I"m often asked where the character of Maureen Birnbaum came from. The glib reply is that I was sitting in a college hangout called Fat Harry"s one afternoon. I was working over a few pages I"d written that day and enjoying a good cheeseburger, fries, and a large Coke (Nature"s Perfect Meal). At a table near me were four Tulane co-eds who were talking just loud enough for me to catch every word. To make a dull but true story very short, each of them was an ideal model for Muffy. The conversation ran the entire emotional gamut from sweaters to--God forbid--Peter Pan collars. And they spoke in frequent italics. You could just hear them chiming. All I"ve done is taken one of those college girls, put a broadsword in her hands, and maroon her in the familiar milieus of some of my favorite SF authors. At last the fantasy and science fiction field has a heroine who can truly shop her way out of a paper bag, I am quietly humble about this achievement.

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