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Bad Magic



Humour & Satire


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1 2004-12-01 Tor  

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Magic is real. Strange forces and uncanny creatures abound. Cosmic evil is loose in the world especially around San Diego along with transcendent evil, primordial evil, simmering evil, objective evil, and specific evil. In sheer self defense, most of the human race long ago taught themselves to shut their magical Third Eye, blinding themselves to this supernatural world around them. As protection goes, it"s not 100% effective, but it"s still pretty good: If you can"t see them, they can"t see you. Fortunately for the rest of us, a few people can deal with the weirdness. In San Francisco, a motley group of adventurers have banded together to fight evil. They"re an uncanny mix of alchemists, thaumaturges, necromancers, and totemists, working their wildly different magics in a milieu where thaumaturgy is a laboratory science and raw pain can be kept in a flask of liquid nitrogen. They know they don"t know what they"re doing. And they have to save a world that doesn"t know it"s under attack from forces that they wish were beyond comprehension. Poised, headspinning, and richly inventive, Bad Magic shows us what people really see when their third eye opens.

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