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Science Fiction
Setting: Star Trek
Autobiography/ Memoirs


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1 1975-00-00 Buccaneer Books, inc.  

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Reader Remarks (anonymous): This book is well-written and intelligent. Since I read Nimoy"s later autobiography, "I Am Spock," first, that probably changed my perception of what might have been a 5-star review. Many anecdotes from this first book are incorporated into the second, but not all. Also, I find Nimoy"s maturer style more insightful, as well it should be. (Some readers do prefer the young, "unjaded" personality that comes through in "I Am Not Spock," and that"s understandable, too.) The second book came after the Star Trek movies, and is, therefore, a more complete life story. If you find this book expensive or can only afford one book, buy the second book. Die-hard Spock fans, however (of which I am one), will enjoy reading both books. Nimoy"s voice in "I Am Not Spock" is clearly the voice of a youth of the 1960"s, and in that respect, it does take one closer to the source, as this "60"s cultural identity was influential in the formation of the "Spock" character. On the other hand, it takes the maturer voice of his second book to point out that fact. By the way, don"t think he knocks the "Spock" character in this book. After reading "I Am Spock," I was curious to discover whether Nimoy had really loved Spock all along, as he insisted, or if he"d had an early disenchantment with the character, only to regret it later and try to backpedal in his second book to dispell the negative vibes that followed "I Am Not Spock." Not a chance: in "I Am Not Spock," it is immediately apparent that Nimoy loves Spock. And, although he would like for people to understand Nimoy as a well-rounded, human individual, (including the woman who insisted he stop trying to look like that Spock man on TV!) he never disavows the character, "Spock," to achieve his aim. Critics who claimed Nimoy hated "Spock" obviously didn"t read past the title of this book.

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