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1 1996-10-01 Hyperion  

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Amazon Reader Remarks: "Fascinating" book on Nimoy"s life after the original series {by Kevin Parker} Can"t the guy make up his mind? Last time it was "I Am Not Spock!" Seriously, this is an autobiographical memoir of Nimoy"s life, though focusing very closely and intently on his years with Star Trek. It goes into particular detail on the movies and especially the two that he directed. It makes for an interesting read, though the imagined dialogues with Spock are a little odd. His takes on the movies are particularly interesting, as he honestly gauges their successes and failures: ST:TMP all special effects, finished in a rush in order to be released on December 7. ST II a good success, ST III good but more of a connect-the-dots effort, ST IV perhaps the most successful of all the movies, ST V a failure but due to the script rather than the Shatner"s direction, ST VI a substandard but adequate conclusion. He goes on to discuss other movies he directed, most notably Three Men and a Baby, though a couple of other, more obscure ones, as well. In the end, it seems, he is at peace with this second character inside his head. Despite its egocentric aspects, this is a - dare I say - fascinating book and a good read.

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