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Autumn Star





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2001-07-01 Leisure Books  

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Morgan Caine rescues Lacey Ashton from a couple of pawing ruffians, feeds her dinner, and gives her a place to sleep. He is arrogant, bossy -- and the most captivating man she has ever met. He claimed she will never survive the wilds of the Washington territory. But Lacey sets out to prove she not only belongs in the untamed land, she belongs in Morgan"s arms. Morgan is completely disarmed by Lacey"s innocence and optimism. Like an autumn breeze, she caresses his body, refreshes his soul, and invigorates his heart. At last, the hardened lawman longs to trade vengeance for love and the wounds of the past for a future filled with happiness -- to reach for the stars and claim the woman of his dreams.