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Witch's Child, The





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1 2007-10-01 Abrams Books for Young Readers  

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A creator of the bestselling Mommy? and an acclaimed illustrator will BEWITCH READERS!

Who wants to be a witch’s child?

When a witch wishes to have a child of her own, she creates one from straw and names her Rosalie. But when the witch tries to coax the straw girl into life, she is thwarted at every turn, until finally she abandons her inanimate creation.

Then one day while the witch is away, a young girl wanders into the witch’s house. She befriends Rosalie, but she tarries too long. The witch is coming home! Who will save this young girl?

The haunting and bewitching illustrations by inspired artist Jos. A. Smith dramatically bring to life this poignant and spine-tingling story by Arthur Yorinks.

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