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Database note: this is the 17th book of the series, even though the number does not actually appear on the cover or inside the book. -- Brad

The gates of death
My brother-in-law was a Star Trek alien
Chart Trek: Star Trek's TV and film soundtracks
The Romulan Commander: the great reappearing woman

It all began in the mid 1960s with a brand-new, low-budget science fiction series called Star Trek. No one, not even creator Gene Roddenberry, could have foreseen how a show that was canceled after a few seasons would win the hearts of millions of devoted fans around the world. And eventually, it would spawn numerous movies, novels, comics, games, and two new television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine -- as well as several upcoming projects still in the planning stages.

For more than a decade, Walter Irwin, G.B. Love, and their fellow explorers of the Star Trek universe have been seeking out new information and lore about this fascinating realm. From the inner workings of the world of Vulcan and its people to a closer look at the relationship between Spock and Uhura to the ongoing debate about the "old" Star Trek versus The Next Generation, here is a journey you won't want to miss, a first-class excursion stopping at many ports in the Star Trek universe.


The Star Trek Movies: A Literary Perspective by Rosa M. Mizerski
Penda? Uhura by Mark Golding
Spock: A New Light by Steve Waller
The Star Trek Novels: Are They Good Enough? by Deborah Bucci
Thoughts on Vulcans by Tom Lalli
Spock and Uhura by Ruth Barker
A Sampling of "Trek Roundtable" -- Letters from our readers
The Gates of Death by Katherine Wolterink
Vulcan -- Philosophies in Conflict by Patty Paludan
What Is An Alien? by Miriam Ruff
My Brother-in-law Was a Star Trek Alien by Stephen Barrington
Chart Trek: Star Trek's TV and Film Soundtracks by Mark Alfred
A World of Time by Kenneth Reeler
The Romulan Commander: The Great Reappearing Woman by Michelle Kusik
A Look at the Romulan Commander by Dan Day
Past, Present, and Future Tense: A Speculative Commentary on Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Dr. Beverly Crusher by E.A. Lowe
Desirable Unemotionals (or, "Could You Fall in Love With a Toaster?")by Dale Kesterson
Starship America: Politics and the Star Trek Films by Tom Lalli
A Positive Example of Violation of the Prime Directive: Earth's History of Revealed Religions by Pierre C. Dubreuil
The Long Trek by Karen Sullivan

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