Detailed view for the Book: Year's Best Science Fiction, the: Eighth Annual Collection

Best-of-the-year anthology of 25 sf stories, with a summation of the year in the field by Dozois. Easily the best of the bests.

Summation: 1990 by Gardner R. Dozois
Mr. Boy by James Patrick Kelly -- Jun 1990
The Shobies' Story by Ursula K. Le Guin -- 1990
The Caress by Greg Egan -- Jan 1990
A Braver Thing by Charles Sheffield -- Feb 1990
We See Things Differently by Bruce Sterling -- 1989
And the Angels Sing by Kate Wilhelm -- May 1990
Past Magic by Ian R. MacLeod -- 1990
Bears Discover Fire by Terry Bisson -- Aug 1990
The All-Consuming by Lucius Shepard & Robert Frazier -- Jul 1990
Personal Silence by Molly Gloss -- Jan 1990
Invaders by John Kessel -- Oct 1990
The Cairene Purse [Von Bek] by Michael Moorcock -- 1990
The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured His Larinks, A Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk by Dafydd ab Hugh -- Aug 1990
Tower of Babylon by Ted Chiang -- Nov 1990
The Death Artist by Alexander Jablokov -- Aug 1990
The First Since Ancient Persia by John Brunner -- Jul 1990
Inertia by Nancy Kress -- Jan 1990
Learning to Be Me by Greg Egan -- 1990
Cibola by Connie Willis -- Dec 1990
Walking the Moons by Jonathan Lethem -- Nov 1990
Rainmaker Cometh by Ian McDonald -- 1989
Hot Sky by Robert Silverberg -- Feb 1990
White City by Lewis Shiner -- Jun 1990
Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates by Pat Murphy -- 1990
The Hemingway Hoax by Joe W. Haldeman -- Apr 1990
Honorable Mentions -- Misc.

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