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Unholy Domain



Science Fiction


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1 2008-04-00 Kunati  

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A lethal computer virus roars across the Internet. More than a million people die before it is terminated and the computers restarted. A decade later, in 2022, civilization has crumbled in an economic collapse surpassing the Great Depression of the 1930s, with the world divided between those who think technology will save the world and those who believe it to be the tool of Lucifer, in Dan Ronco's fast-paced techno-thriller Unholy Domain.

Dan Brown, son of the virus's creator, believes his father is innocent and sets out to clear his name and find his murderers. Dan's efforts make him a target for both sides, the religious fanatics and the technos. Unholy Domain questions how far the divide between religious fundamentalism and scientific progress can grow before disaster befalls each side.

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