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Under Apache Skies





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1 2004-09-00 Signet  

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When a rugged stranger darkens the door of her family ranch, Martha Jean Flynn can tell right away that Ridge Longtree is nothing like the other cowboys who usually show up in search of work. For in the eyes of this raven- haired, half-Indian loner, Martha sees a hint of danger, the depths of sorrow--and the tiniest spark of untold passion.

Indeed, tragedy forced Ridge Longtree to leave the Apache stronghold at a young age. But when Martha's father is murdered and Apaches kidnap her younger sister, he cannot bear to see her distraught. Reluctantly, he agrees to lead her to the stronghold to save her sister. But somewhere along the jagged mountain trail, the two discover a passion that threatens to set their hearts aflame--and endanger their mission of rescue...Under Apache Skies.

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