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Eagle and the Nightingales, The





Bardic Voices


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1996-02-01 Baen  

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"Reissue Edition The prolific and popular Lackey proffers the third volume of her Bardic Voices fantasy saga. One of the nightingales of the title is a gypsy bard who comes to Kingsford Faire and, before she leaves, is up to her eyebrows in intrigues both mundane and magical that involve a large cast of characters, not all of them human or even corporeal. The book displays Lackey"s usual sound characterization, brisk pacing, and intelligently detailed world building, which will hold readers of both fantasy in general and Bardic Voices in particular. Lackey is sufficiently gifted that one continues to hope for work that is more original than what she has been producing lately. Still, she remains an undoubted mistress of the well-told tale, and if she does not dazzle, neither does she disappoint. "

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