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Annie's Hero



Angels & Demons


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1997-10-00 Avon  

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When love is lost, a lady needs a champion....

Sweethearts since childhood, Annie and Richard shared an unparalleled love filled with tenderness, passion and joy. Until the tragic day Richard vanished - presumed dead after a terrible car accident - leaving his adoring wife pregnant and alone, and holding on to the shattered pieces of her broken world.

But Richard is not gone - for magic claimed him before Death could. He has returned in a mystical disguise with no recollection of the man he once was - a modern knight on a mission to protect his distraught young widow and their unborn child from dark and deadly forces that threaten their safety. But no cloak of mystery can deceive Annie's heart - for her eyes see deep into her hero's soul and she knows no limits. And now only the power of Annie's passion can revive Richard's stolen that they may once again share the sweetness of a rapture more enduring than forever.