Detailed view for the Book: Science Fiction Oddities (Anthology)

A collection of odd science fiction stories.

Foreward by Groff Conklin
People Soup by Alan Arkin
What Is This Thing Called Love? by Isaac Asimov
Callahan and the Wheelies by Stephen Barr
Mrs. Poppledore's Id by R. Bretnor
The Teeth of Despair by Avram Davidson and Sidney Klein
The Galactic Calabash by G. C. Edmondson
Space-Crime Continuum by H. F. Ellis
The Chessplayers by Charles L. Harness
What's the Name of That Town? by R. A. Lafferty
Rump-Titty-Titty-Tum-Tah-Tee by Fritz Leiber
Rundown by Robert Lory
The Trouble with H.A.R.R.I. by Edward Mackin
The Water Eater by Winston K. Marks
A Pride of Carrots by Robert Nathan
The Terra-Venusian War of 1979 by Gerard E. Neyroud
The Coffin Cure by Alan E. Nourse
On Camera by John Novotny
See No Evil by John R. Pierce
Punch by Frederik Pohl

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