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This large-volume collection by popular anthologist Marvin Kaye presents 54 pure ghost stories by some of the best writers ever assembled, including Bram Stoker, H.G. Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson, Oscar Wilde, Isaac Asimov and Frederick Pohl, and more. Many of these tales have never appeared in any other collection, and there are several original stories written specifically for this book.

From Dickens' London to the Old West, from modern day Manhattan to the back streets of the Far East, this collection provides hundreds of hours of ghoulish good reading. Included is the Prologue filled with inventive epitaphs, and an Appendix that charts haunted houses in America. There is also a Bibliography, making this book a ghost lover's bible.

Marvin Kaye begins his journey with a strong warning to the reader: "The stories and verse in these pages vary greatly in mood, style and impact, but for the best effect, they ought to be consumed like chocolate marshmallow fudge: a little at a time."

Within these pages is a lot of good fun, and a huge amount of quality writings. There are true stories, stories of pure imagination, and a sampling of chilling verse. So turn on all the lights, snuggle up to a warm fire, and enjoy.


Minuke (1950) by Nigel Kneale
The Wind in the Rose-Bush (1903) by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Legal Rites (1950) by Isaac Asimov and Frederick Pohl
Smee (c.19th C) by A.M. Burrage
Thurlow's Christmas Story (c.19th C) by John Kendrick Bangs
The Ghost, The Gallant, The Gael and The Goblin (c.19th C) by W. Stephen Gilbert
A Quartet of Strange Things (1971) by Bernhardt J. Hardwood
The Lady of Finnigan's Hearth (1977) by Parke Godwin
The Phantom Hag (c.19th C) by Atr. to Guy de Maupassant
The Ghost of the Capuchins (1981) by Eugene Montfort
Who Rides With Santa Anna? (1958) by Edward D. Hoch
Jane(1981) by Barbara Gallow
The Tale of the German Student (c.19th C) by Washington Irving
The Hounds of Hell (c.20th C) by John Masefield
Doorslammer (1969) by Donald A. Wollheim
The Ensouled Violen (c.19th C) by Helena Blavatsky
The Monk of Horror (c.19th C) by Anonymous
Mr. Justice Harbottle (1872) by Sheridan Le Fanu
The Flying Dutchman by Traditional
The Parlor-Car Ghost (c.20th C) by Anonymous
The Red Room (c.19th C) by H.G. Wells
A Gathering of Ghosts (1981) by Graig Shaw Gardner
The Woman's Ghost Story (c.19th C) by Algernon Blackwood
Miss Jeromette and the Clergyman (c.19th C) by Wilkie Collins
The Phantom Woman (c.19th C) by Anonymous
The Spectre Bride (c.19th C) by Anonymous
The Midnight Embrace (c.19th C) by M.G. Lewis
The Philosophy of Relative Existences (c.19th C) by Frank R. Stockton
21 Main Street No. (1981) by Z.Z.Jeromm
Four Ghosts in Hamlet (1965) by Fritz Leiber
Ghost of Sailboat Fred (1981) by Saralee Terry
The Fisherman's Story (1981) by Faith Lancerou and Anatole Le Braz
The Old Mansion (c.20th C) by Anonymous
The Haunting of Y-12 (1981) by Al Sarrantonio
The Ghostly Rental (1876) by Henry James
Untitled Ghost Story (c.18th C) by E.T. Hoffmann
The Doll's Ghost (c.19th C) by F. Marion Crawford
Staley Fleming's Hallucination (c.19th C) by Ambrose Bierce
The Dead Woman's Photograph (c.19th C) by Anonymous
The Castle of the King (1881) by Bram Stoker
The Canterville Ghost (1891) by Oscar Wilde
Blind Man's Bluff (1929) by H. Russel Wakefield
A Suffolk Miracle by Traditional
Father Stein's Tale (1907) by Robert Hugh Benson
The Old Nurse's Story (1852) by Elizabeth Gaskell
Money Talks (1981) by Dick Baldwin
The Ghost of the Count by Anonymous
The Body-Snatcher (1884) by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Penhale Broadcast (c.20th C) by Jack Snow
The Last Traveler (1965) by Jean Ray
The Phantom Regiment (c.19th C) by James Grant
The Tale of the Bagman's Uncle (1837) by Charles Dickens
The North Mail (c.19th C) by Amelia B. Edwards
How Fear Departed From the Long Gallery (c.20th C) by E.F. Benson

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