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Mercedes Lackey's very first novel, Arrows of the Queen, introduced readers to the magical land of Valdemar. In this ancient realm, beset by war and internal conflicts, justice is dispensed by an elite force -- the legendary Heralds. These unusual men and women, "chosen" from all corners of the kingdom by their mysterious horselike Companions, undergo a rigorous training, and follow a rigid code of honor. Bonded for life with their Companions, the Heralds endeavor to keep the peace and, if necessary, defend their country in the name of their monarch.

Now Mickey Zucker Reichert, Larry Dixon, Tanya Huff, Michelle Sagara and others add their own special chapters to the history of Valdemar. Meet with a Herald-assassin known only to the Queen... learn why in Karse, a question can be deadlier than any sword... and discover how for two lifebonded Heralds, justice prevails over honor, in eighteen original stories of valor and magic, including three co-authored by Mercedes Lackey herself.


Sunlancer by Philip Austin and Mercedes Lackey
The Demon's Denn by Tanya Huff
Ironrose by Larry Dixon and Mel. White
Babysitter by Josepha Sherman
The Salamander by Richard Lee Byers
A Child's Adventures by Janni Lee Simner
Blood Ties by Stephanie Shaver
... Another Sucessful Experiment by Lawrence Schimel
Choice by Michelle Sagara
Songs of Valdemar by Kristin Schwengel
The School Up the Hill by Elisabeth Waters
Chance by Mark Shepherd
Sword of Ice by Mercedes Lackey and John Yezeguielian
In the Forest of Sorrows by John Helfers
Vkandis' Own by Ben Ohlander
A Herald's Honor by Mickey Zucker Reichert
A Song for No One's Mourning by Gary Braunbeck
Blue Heard by Philip Austin and Mercedes Lackey

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