Detailed view for the Book: Ring of Fire (Anthology)

Return to the alternate universe of 1632 and 1633 as the top writers of alternate history and military SF join forces in the shared-universe volume of the year.

The battle between democracy and tyranny is joined, and the American Revolution has begun over a century ahead of schedule. A cosmic accident has shifted a modern West Virginia town back through time and space to land it and its twentieth century technology in Germany in the middle of the Thirty Years War. History must take a new course as American freedom and democracy battle against the squabbling despots of seventeenth-century Europe.

Edited by Eric Flint.


In the Navy by David Weber
To Dye For by Mercedes Lackey
A Lineman for the Country by Dave Freer
Between the Armies by Andrew Dennis
Biting Time by Virginia Easley DeMarce
Power to the People by Loren Jones
A Matter of Consultation by S.L. Viehl
Family Faith by Anette Pedersen
When the Chips are Down by Jonathon Creswell and Scott Washburn
American Past Time by Deann Allen and Mike Turner
Skeletons by Greg Donahue
A Witch to Live by Walt Boyes
The Three Rs by Jody Dorsett
Here Comes Santa Claus by K.D. Wentworth
The Wallenstein Gambit by Eric Flint