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Chip Hilton Sports


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1 2002-08-01 Broadman & Holman Publishing  

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William "Chip" Hilton, all-American, enters his senior year at State University, eager to complete his undergraduate college education and play in his final college football season, a season everyone hopes will propel State University to the top of the conference. Veteran coach Curly Ralston again leads State's football team, and he, too, anticipates an excellent season. However, with the addition of a new player on the State roster, Greg Hansen, Chip Hilton and his teammates face a dilemma that poses a threat to the team's goal of the conference championship. For some reason, Greg Hansen is determined to outplay all-American Fireball Finley at all cost to himself, the team, and even his own family.

Chip's continued attempts to connect with Hansen and resolve the new player's troubles are key to maintaining team harmony. Finally, it is research in the library that provides Chip an understanding of Hansen's baffling, destructive attitude. Chip's friendly persistence finally brings peace and harmony to the team and to Greg Hansen's family -- particularly healing the relationship between father and son -- just in time for the conference championship game. A fourth down, last-second decision awaits Coach Curly Ralston, Chip, and Greg as the difference between losing the title and winning a trip to the Rose Bowl.

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